Conversations (

Conversations Item View

Conversations Item View (dark mode enabled).

View shows updates from all linked items and subitems in one place (sorted by created date).


Each update includes:

  • item source path (breadcrumbs showing linking path from main item)
  • item bar including:
    • item name
    • conversation icon with total number of updates for that item. Icon is blue when last update is less than 7 days old.
  • profile picture and name of the author
  • date when update was created (hover mouse to see exact date instead of elapsed time)
  • update content
  • replies for the update

Interactive elements

You can interact with those elements in the view:

  • refresh icon
  • info icon - click to find link to this documentation and email support
  • breadcrumbs - click item name to open the item
  • item bar - click to opens update in a new tab where you can write reply. Close tab to go back to conversations view
  • elapsed time - hover over elapsed time to see exact date
  • settings button - click to configure what updates are included